Frank Oden

Some people are surprised to find performance poetry and tobacco cessation on the same page! To me both are closely related expressions of a larger form: the creative use of language (with special attention to pattern, structure and the psychology of perception) to deliver ideas to an audience, with clarity and lasting impact, even to create personal change. Whether I'm in a concert hall or a lecture hall, I draw on 40 years professional experience with all of the communication and performing arts. My diverse background in theater, music, writing and design is an essential part of everything I do today. Theater Arts Page

Performance Poet

Since 1998 I've been writing and performing thematic lyrical spoken word programs with symphony orchestras. The programs merge original poetry, humor, physicality and theatrical production values with live symphonic performance. Characters and a narrative arc provide structure for the orchestral repertoire and promote enhanced verbal / visual / kinesthetic connection for all audiences, especially youth. Programs include: Cowboy Jamboree, The House of Halloween, Song of the Earth, Love You To Death and Campfire Tales. I also enjoy slam and stand-up poetry, and I'm writing a "Lyrical Comedy" for theatrical production. Performance Poetry Page

Tobacco Educator

After 30 years as a heavy smoker always "Trying To Quit," I spent the next 10 years as a Tobacco Counselor and Stop-Smoking Hypnotist. Since 2005, I've logged over 10,000 clinical hours helping thousands of smokers, tobacco chewers and other nicotine users eliminate those habits easily. I've developed a neuro-linguistic method that any person can use to change their own behaviors, and it doesn't require "hypnotic trance" at all. I write, speak and coach drug-free nicotine cessation, teaching effective self-motivation and exploring the difference between "Easy" and "Impossible" in any endeavor. Nicotine Cessation Page